The Kilmainham Jail & the Dublin Night Life




During our tour of the Kilmainham jail today, we learned a lot more concerning the the 1916 Rising, particularly about the time that many of the leading figures had spent in the jail itself.  We learned that the uprising was planned in secrecy by seven men, most of whom were tied to the Irish Republican Brotherhood and had planned it during the height of the First World War. The names of these leaders were: Tom Clarke, Sean McDermott, Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh, Joseph Plunkett, James Connolly and Eamon Ceannt. When the British attacked, many were either killed or taken prisoner, just like these men who led the revolution, even behind bars. The relics of these leaders include items that are symbolic, such as diaries, letters, political drawings, and other items.

When touring the jail facility, we got the opportunity to see how close-quartered the cells were, and how they had a psychological impact on the prisoners there, especially those who stayed true to their allegiance till the very end when they were executed. The combination of the sub-standard conditions of the facility and the economic and socio-cultural downfall of Ireland at the time shows us just how much Ireland has changed as a result.

Another topic that is intersting to note also is the nighttime atmosphere here in Dublin. Even when it is late at night, there are still quite a few people out and about. When you find yourself wandering at this time, you almost easily fall in love with the night itself out there, particularly the glare and shine coming from the myriad of city lights, the possiblity of meeting people and having very interesting conversations, the transparent aftermath of the busy city life, and thought that one is essentially part of that “brick wall.” Whether its the romantic feeling of being out and about, the thought of drowning oneself in deep thought in different places, going out with friends and other people, or seeing how unstoppable the city flow is when one stops for a moment to observe their surroundings, the city life here in Dublin is certainly not one to overlook when visiting the city firsthand.

Both of these are definitely unforgettable experiences in their own right. To be able to see the same place where so much happened long ago and changed the course of Ireland’s overall progression.

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